Texas primaries, Election Day March 2

Save the dates – Texas primaries, election day March 2.  Early voting February 16 through February 26. 

Friends: This is a personal request for you to vote in this year’s primary elections – election day is Texas Independence Day – Tuesday, March 2.  (which, by the way, is also the day that our Founder, John Wagler, was born) Be a good Texan and a great citizen—get out and vote!

Early voting is also available – beginning February 16 and ending February 26.  I plan post a follow-up article with early voting polling locations in an attempt to make it a bit easier for those willing to step forward and have your voices heard.

I will share with you the name of one candidate I’m supporting that I hold in high regard.  He will see his tenure as an Assistant District Attorney (prosecutor) for Collin County expire as he seeks to step forward in order to better serve the Collin County Community as Judge of the 219th Disctrict Court.

Scott J. Becker

Scott J. Becker– running for Collin County Judge (219th District Court).  Operating on a platform that will more greatly engage and protect the families of Collin County. Scott is a hard-working, knowledgeable man of integrity. He is endorsed by several of the largest law enforcement associations in Collin County and possesses all of the requirements for the job description of the court.  Scott Becker is a perfect fit for the 219th Judicial District Court.

Becker for JudgeI strongly support Scott Becker, given his proven public service record, putting community over self, commitment to family, dedication to improving our communities, focus on fairness, and providing public safety to all citizens in the area.

For more information on Scott Becker, please visit www.beckerforjudge.com.

I’ll ask you to consider voting for Scott Becker, with whom I am closely affiliated and I am confident will represent us well.

Thank you.


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